Hi all:<BR><BR>Since I have all the aesthetic sense of a sun-faded garden gnome, I would appreciate any advice in this area.<BR><BR>I have a data table that holds a group of technical coordinators, their names, numbers, affiliations, etc. I want users to be able to be able to search the data on any one of up to eight different fields. Ok, no big deal code-wise.<BR><BR>I just can’t figure out a visually pleasing, logical, ‘ergonomic’ way to do this. Sure, I could slap up a bunch of buttons, each with the name of a different search method, but that seems so ham-fisted.<BR><BR>So far I see a rsTable where certain cols have slightly different shaded bg colors, denoting that these are searchable cols. Or I could place a little ‘search’ icon in the col-header, but the color-coding seems so much more subtle. (Maybe too much so.)<BR><BR>I suppose another way would be to have a mouseOver menu pop up when they hover over a searchable col, but that’s a bit too subtle. I can see that being missed altogether.<BR><BR>The second, and related issue, is that there is so much data that a straight table will look like hell – too many cols. I am paring down what the user sees on the first look, but would love to create a non-standard rsTable. Maybe something with two rows of data for each record. But that, again, affects the aesthetic.<BR><BR>Does anyone know of a site with a decent search interface I could look at? Maybe something slick enough to impress non-technical folks, but not too slick to scare them off? Everything I have come up with so far is functional but monkey-butt ugly.<BR><BR>Any help for the terminally blocky, Soviet-era stylings I normally show would be much appreciated.<BR><BR>KurtW<BR>