I am working on a web application using .NET and client-side JavaScript. There are two servers in this picture. Server 1, www.testing1.com, receives requests from the client. Server 2, www.testing2.com, has resources (images, etc) that client needs. I want all my client requests be sent to server 1 (www.testing1.com)<BR><BR>There is some JavaScript on the client side that gets hostname (location.hostname). After getting hostname client tries to load some resources (images/pop-ups) by creating absolute URLS from relative URLS (e.g.; /testing/test.gif to www.testing1.com/testing/test.gif ) using this hostname. <BR><BR>The problem is this: Client sends requests to server 1, www.testing1.com . When server responds, client receives the response and executes JavaScript to get the hostname (location.hostname). The hostname the client gets is www.testing1.com . As resources are on www.testing2.com the client errors saying that resource not found. (eg; www.testing1.com/testing/test.gif, in reality this should have been www.testing2.com/testing/test.gif ). <BR><BR>Although client is requesting resources from www.testing1.com, I want client to see www.testing1.com as www.testing2.com. Moreover, when I do a alert(location.hostname) client side it should display testing2.com. <BR><BR>Is there a way to do this.<BR><BR>I tried to set LOCATION value in the response headers server side (httpApplication.Response.AddHeader(“Location” , http://www.testing2.com) ) using ASP.NET before sending the headers to client. It did not work. <BR>Please suggest<BR>