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    I&#039;ve recently bought three books on XML (the XML Bible 2nd edition by Elliotte Rusty Harold), XML for Dummies, and XML for the World Wide Web (by Elizabeth Castro). NONE of them explain the nuts and bolts of how to write data from an ASP page to an XML page.<BR>Can anybody suggest a book which covers this topic?<BR>I don&#039;t even know what I&#039;m looking for, exactly. XMLDOM? the XML object? MSXML?<BR>I&#039;ve seen some stuff on ASP.NET, but not on ASP.

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    Hi,<BR>I use the msxml dom object.<BR>I have sent you a sample code, of how I&#039;m creatin my xml via asp.<BR>hope it&#039;ll help<BR><BR>Tom<BR>-----------------------------------------------<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>dim xmlDoc, root, newNode, i, node, newNode1, whatever, itemp, strXML, sCn, comm, sCmd, p, Role_Code, intAns, tid<BR><BR>set xmlDoc = server.createobject("msxml2.DOMDocument.3.0")<BR> xmlDoc.async= false<BR> xmlDoc.validateOnParse = true<BR> xmlDoc.resolveExternals = False<BR> xmlDoc.preserveWhiteSpace = True<BR><BR>Set node = xmlDoc.createProcessingInstruction("xml", "version=&#039;1.0&#039;")<BR> xmlDoc.appendChild node<BR>Set node = Nothing<BR><BR>Set node = xmlDoc.createComment("XML file created using XML DOM object. This file is inserted into the SQL Server tr_participants table")<BR> xmlDoc.appendChild node<BR>Set node = Nothing<BR><BR>set root = xmlDoc.createNode("element", "root", "")<BR> xmlDoc.appendChild(root)<BR>set root = xmlDoc.documentElement<BR>tid = request.querystring("tr_id")<BR>itemp=1<BR> <BR>for each i in request.querystring("chosen")<BR> set newNode = xmlDoc.createNode("element", "p", "")<BR> root.appendChild newNode<BR> set newNode1 = xmlDoc.createNode("element", "E", "")<BR> newNode1.Text = i<BR> newNode.appendChild newNode1<BR> set newNode1 = xmlDoc.createNode("element", "t", "")<BR> newNode1.Text = tid<BR> newNode.appendChild newNode1<BR> itemp = itemp+1 <BR>next<BR>&#039;xmlDoc.save server.mappath("../xml/doc.xml")<BR>strXML = xmlDoc.xml

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    Default Can combine lines.

    You can create the nodes and append them at the same time:<BR>xmlDoc.appendChild xmlDoc.createProcessingInstruction("xml", "version=&#039;1.0&#039;")<BR><BR>xmlDoc.appendChi ld xmlDoc.createComment("XML file created using XML DOM object. This file is inserted into the SQL Server tr_participants table")<BR><BR>...<BR><BR>set newNode = root.appendChild(xmlDoc.createNode("element", "p", ""))<BR><BR>newNode.appendChild(xmlDoc.createNode( "element", "E", "")).Text = i<BR><BR>newNode.appendChild(xmlDoc.createNode("el ement", "t", "")).Text = tid<BR>

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