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    ..probably an easy one, but still no guru when it comes to SQL queries...<BR><BR>This is just a basic example of what I have...as a demo only. Why am I getting the error?<BR><BR>sql = "SELECT event_masterSTART FROM venue_booked WHERE event_masterSTART &#062; " & cdate(session("finish_date_overall"))<BR>RS_open <BR>if not RS.EOF then<BR>response.write RS("event_masterSTART")<BR>end if<BR>RS_close<BR><BR>Note...event_masterSTART is a general date from an access database (eg 19/10/2003 2:30PM)<BR>If I write cdate(session("finish_date_overall")) to screen it looks ok..eg 15/10/2003 1:30PM. Actually ive run ISDATE against it to ensure im comparing date values and it looks ok. Where am I going wrong?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>John<BR><BR>

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    If your DB is Access you need to put [#] aroung your cdate(session("finish_date_overall"))<BR><BR>If its Sql Server the put [&#039;]

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    Default thanks steve

    ...Ill give it a whirl.<BR><BR>John

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