I&#039m trying to update a legacy web app that utilizes some very "black box" CGI&#039s... that is, I pass these CGIs certain values, and it generates a response using templates which sit on the server. I&#039d like to implement server-side includes in the templates which the CGI uses to generate pages, but since my server (IIS 5.0) processes the SSI directive first, it tries to run SSINC.DLL on the CGI before the CGI runs and returns the dynamically generated HTML from the template.<BR><BR>My question is, is there any way to configue IIS to run the CGI before processing the SSI directive? Or can I create an ASP "wrapper" which will contain the includes I need, and also call the CGI to generate content for the body of the page? Is there any way to execute a CGI inside the body of an ASP page (similar to the #exec directive in the SSI protocol)?