Hi. I got a table views to be viewed in crystalreport.<BR><BR>1) How do I control the formula field to select distinct <BR>of the field in the section details?<BR>@Contact<BR>@CaseNo<BR><BR>2) it will be grouped by ID.<BR><BR><BR> ID Contact CaseNo<BR> ----------------------------------------- <BR><BR> S7801231 ww@hotmail.com CASE0001<BR> S7801231 ww@hotmail.com CASE0003<BR> S7801231 ww@hotmail.com CASE0004<BR> S7801231 62568425 CASE0001<BR> S7801231 62568425 CASE0003<BR> S7801231 62568425 CASE0004<BR> S7801231 62533807 CASE0001<BR> S7801231 62533807 CASE0003<BR> S7801231 62533807 CASE0004<BR><BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>