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    Default Paging with mysql, odbc, asp

    Hi<BR><BR>I got a problem with paging...<BR>works fine if i use a .mdb database but not with my mysql database... What can be wrong???

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    Default MySQL doesn't support...

    ...server side paging.<BR><BR>So you *could* fix it via<BR> RS.CursorLocation = adUseClient<BR>[after creating RS but before opening it]<BR><BR>But now you end up transferring *OODLES* of records from DB to ADO for no purpose.<BR><BR>A better solution with MySQL is to use the *BUILT IN* paging!<BR><BR>Which is really quite powerful and better than anything else I know of.<BR><BR>Read about the LIMIT keyword here:<BR><BR><BR>You get to use<BR> LIMIT 310, 319<BR>(for example) to get 10 records (ONLY!) starting at record 310 in the ORDER BY you specify.<BR><BR>Try it!<BR><BR>

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