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    I have a corporate web site and on one page I use remote scripting so that when the user clicks on an option in one list box it datafills another listbox without refreshing the page. However this page works fine on my computer but not on my collegues computers. It keeps coming up with a javascript error "object does not support this method or property" on the following line.<BR><BR>var objRS = RSGetASPObject("Get_Special.asp"); <BR><BR>we all have IE6 installed, is there something else people need to do to get the page to work. I can&#039;t remember if i had to install anything on my pc to get it to work. The whole of the routine that is failing is below. Thanks.<BR><BR>function Fill_Contacts(cat){ <BR> <BR> var levele = &#060;%=level_e%&#062;<BR> <BR> var objRS = RSGetASPObject("Get_Special.asp"); <BR> <BR> var objResult = objRS.getContacts(levele,cat); <BR><BR> //alert(levele + " " + cat)<BR> <BR> var strNames = objResult.return_value; <BR><BR> //alert(strNames)<BR> <BR> //alert(strNames)<BR> if(strNames != "undefined") { <BR> var arrNames = strNames.split("&#124"); <BR> var contact_id;<BR> var name;<BR> var both;<BR> var pos;<BR> <BR> document.frm_Special.lstDescription.length = 0 <BR><BR> for(i = 0; i &#060; arrNames.length-1; i++) { <BR> both = arrNames[i]<BR> pos = top.InStr(both, ",") <BR> contact_id = both.substring(0,pos)<BR> name = both.substring(pos+1,both.length)<BR> <BR> document.frm_Special.lstDescription.options[i] = new Option(); <BR> document.frm_Special.lstDescription.options[i].text = name;<BR> document.frm_Special.lstDescription.options[i].value = contact_id; <BR> } <BR> }else { <BR> // No results found, clear the list <BR> document.frm_Special.lstDescription.length = 0; <BR> } <BR> <BR>}

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    Default is the java VM installed? <eop>


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    Default RE: Remote Scripting Problem

    There are other ways to attack this problem. If it&#039;s internal.<BR><BR>I do this on our intranet site, but I use IFRAMEs to do the work. It&#039;s slightly harder, but it works 100% of the time.<BR><BR>Submit the IFRAME. IFRAME returns JavaScript code, and calls the function to complete the transaction. This way you don&#039;t even have to start mucking about with splitting strings etc - write out an ARRAY (JavaScript) in the file you&#039;re hitting, and pass it as a parameter back to the function in the main page...<BR><BR>Craig.

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