Hello all,<BR><BR>I am currently reviewing on-site search solutions for a large specialty online bookshop. The site runs on SQL Server 2000 and has approximately 100,000 products, divided over approximately 100 categories. We are looking for a database search solution, rather than a file solution. Search is a core part of this site, so it is important we get it right.<BR><BR>The solution we select must have the following:<BR><BR>- good matching (obviously)<BR>- boolean searches<BR>- ability to search only within selected categories<BR>- ability to search across multiple tables (this will be related to the ability to search within given categories as this relationship is stored in a seperate table)<BR>- speed<BR><BR>Ideally the solution would also include:<BR><BR>- steming<BR>- spell checking<BR>- synonyms<BR>- incremental indexing<BR><BR>We have been reviewing a number of options (for example, Verity Ultraseek, dtsearch, fastsearch, IMP Technology search and diselpoint). However, none seem to be a great match - either because they are priced at upwards of 30K or as they do not provide the basic functionality that we require. Unbelievably, some are selling without proper boolean search capabilities. <BR><BR>The other option for us is to build our own search with SQL Server full text indexing, but this appears to have several limitations (slow, not very well documented, requires a lot of development time, unlikely to achieve any of our "like to have&#039;s").<BR><BR>Can you provide any suggestions as to what search technology we should use (we are running on a Windows 2000 Server with ISS by the way)? Has anyone implemented search successfully in similar conditions? <BR><BR>All help is much appreciated.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>Ross