I have four main Divs<BR>One header div that spans across 100%<BR>then three columns that act as "Menu", "content" and "extra" respectively.<BR><BR>The Menu is floated left, the content is also floated left. The extra is floated right.<BR><BR>This works great in every browser as is fully supported.<BR><BR>The Netscape 4 Problem : When there is not enough copy in the content div, the left hand column seems to collapse. The bottom half of which disappears. When I add more content then it magically works again. (I can&#039;t always add more content)<BR><BR>Are there any fixes that can force the Menu Div to appear? Even if it&#039;s adding breaks, images, whatever to the Menu Div.<BR><BR>I have tried "position : relative;" which forces it to show, but the Menu is not clickable.<BR><BR>I cannot possibly post all the code, our provide you with a URL as it&#039;s on the LAN.<BR><BR>Many thanks, I appreciate any help.<BR><BR>chris.