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    Hello,<BR><BR>I have a question, I would be greatly appricative. What I am trying to do it have an html form post to an ASP form which would then parse data and then post to a CGI script. The end cgi <BR>script in question is setup only to accept POST requests because of security, so a simple GET just won&#039t work. What I cannot fathom is how to send an &#039automatic&#039 post via ASP.<BR><BR>Basically I am taking a front-door login page, giving people the option to store 3 variables in a cookie, posting them to a script if the cookies are present, or storing and then sending them onto the regular cgi on a different box.

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    I would have the ASP page create a temporary (looks blank) HTML file that has hidden input fields in a form. You assign data to the input fields using JavaScript (document.all.form_item.value())and then have more script that submits it to the CGI form (document.all.formname.submit()). Just make sure the form posts to the CGI file.

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