Okay, here is one. Bill Wilkinson, if you read this, it refers to importing that data you helped me with.<BR><BR>I currently have a DTS package that imports serveral files on a daily basis. The files contain sales information for certain states and or people for the day. The machine that delivers the files to my server has a tendancy to fail every once in awhile. When that happens, my DTS package ends up grabbing the file from the previous day and loading that information twice. I would like to place a check date portion so that if records with the date already exist, then it will not perform the task. Below is my steps (only 3):<BR><BR>Execute SQL Task : RECREATE TEMP TABLE<BR>Transform Data Task : Import Data from text File to Temp Table<BR>Transform Data Task : Import Data from temp Table to Destination Table<BR><BR>Then my code for selecting my temp table information is as follows:<BR><BR>SELECT B.lngStateID AS &#039;State&#039;,<BR>A.dblSales AS &#039;Sales&#039;,<BR>A.dtmDate AS &#039;Date&#039;<BR><BR>FROM tempTable A<BR>INNER JOIN tblStates B<BR>ON A.strState = B.strStateID<BR><BR>GROUP BY B.lngStateID, A.dtmDate<BR><BR>I was hoping to have the Check date feature in my last task, but then realized quickly that wasn&#039;t going to work. So, what type of Task am I looking at using here. I suppose I could write a big SQL script in a Execute SQL task, and hardcode in everything. But I guess I like the idea of using a Transform Data Task because I have a feeling that the source information will change down the road and like the way everything meshes up in the TDT. But, if EST is the only way to go, then let me know.<BR><BR>-Brian