Hi<BR>i am doing project in asp.net when try to asign a dataset which contains unions query (ex select user from a union select user from b union select user from c ect) its displaying wrong result means it supposed to display 100 rec but always displaying 1 rec only.but when i hardcode the same sql in my page its diplaying correctly(100 rec).i am not getting why its doing like this.when try to find the length of my sql string its 505.when i debug the code in quick watch window its not showing whole sql but when i try to print it on browser(using response.write) its displaying whole sql correctly.what could be the problem?pl advice me here is my code<BR><BR> <BR> v_dataadapter = New SqlDataAdapter(finalsql, objConn)<BR> v_dataadapter.Fill(v_dataset, "ds")<BR> v_dataview = v_dataset.Tables("ds").DefaultView()<BR> grd.DataSource = v_dataset<BR> grd.DataBind()