Greetings Everyone,<BR>I&#039m working on an ASP solution to allow users to make web sites/pages by picking various templates: (this is similar to what you find at yahoo stores or At those sites, they allow the user to make a web site by choosing a templates.<BR><BR> I&#039m trying to figure out the best way to present their template of choice with the corresponding dynamically generated content.<BR><BR>the template will have it&#039s own unique images, so it won&#039t be simply a difference of changing table and cell background colors. <BR><BR>How would you guys come up with a solution that would allow the user to pull up their web page by passing information through the querystring like this : template_id=2&member_id=23535<BR><BR>I would prefer the person to access their web site by passing info through the querystring initially because I would like to give them the option of easily changing their template. without having to recreate static pages each time etc. <BR><BR>Anyhow after template_id goes into the query string, I&#039m not sure about the best way to get the site to produce the Template with the corresponding dynamically generated content. What do you guys suggest to produce the HTML template with all the dynamically generated content. <BR><BR>Sincerely <BR>Stephen<BR>