Ok, some have probably seen my other e-mails. I don&#039;t know if structures are good yet, but I have gotten quite a few messages giving me ideas. Enough so that I want to try to move on to the next step while hoping for more input on my other posts.<BR><BR>I need to open a file and loop through it pulling out structures. The only way that I know where one structure begins and another ends, is the size of the struct.<BR><BR>In C++, the code looked like this:<BR><BR>while (FileRead(hf, &StDbItem, sizeof(DBSTRUCT)) == sizeof(DBSTRUCT)<BR>{<BR> //code here<BR>}<BR><BR>Now as people around here know, I&#039;m no C++ wiz, but I understood that code as somehow looping through the database in chunks equal to the size of a DBSTRUCT (look at my other posts to see the struct, but I don&#039;t think it matters).<BR><BR>Can someone help point me in the right direction? At this point I don&#039;t really have a clue, though I was suspecting that I would need to use a binaryreader or something.