No matter what kind of connection I use, I get an error message that says no dsn has been specified and there is no default driver. My dsnless connection is below:<BR>dim conn<BR>dim rsResults<BR>dim strConn<BR>strConn = "DSN=myDSN;DBQ=H:KBarneskelly.mdb;DefaultDir=H:KBa rnes;DriverId=281;FIL=MS Access;MaxBufferSize=2048;PageTimeout=5;UID=admin; "<BR>set conn = server.CreateObject("adodb.connection")<BR>set rsResults = server.CreateObject("adodb.recordset")<BR>conn.ope n strConn<BR><BR>I just upgraded to service pack 5, but that didn&#039t help. Does anyone have any suggestins at all?????