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    SEEMS ONCE AGAIN THE CATHOLICS ARE BEHIND ALL THSE RAPES AND PEDOPHILISM AND OZZY OSBOURNE IS INVOLVED<BR><BR> what else is new? did ozzy ever change? the answer is no! and what about the roman cathlic school in desplaines, il where they found ut pedophilsm was running rampant? note how reputed womanizer and pervert harry karry and suspected pedophile peter townshend put money into this school&#062; wow! any coincidence? i don&#039;t think so! <BR> peter towhend and ozzy osbourne both come from england. they both come from bad religious childhoods from english ghettos. it&#039;s about time jerks that are still alive got busted and brought to justice. ozzy osbourne and peter townshend are just a couple of english O.J. simpsons let off the hook and allowed to run around our country going wild while all kinds of people invcluding their wives cover up for them because of the money they can make off of them and i am sick of it! i say we bring these men to justice and let them spend the ten to twenty years in jail they ought to. i am just one of ozzy osbourne&#039;s rape victims but i&#039;m sure there are others. boycott ozz osbourne and peter townshend if you love your children. i have spoken to ozzy osbourne recently and if with the new season of his show he talks like a derleict with a serious problem, e is faking. he has never been so audible in his entire life. do not feel sorry for this man under any circumstances. they already admitted much of their show is scripted to prevent the audience from being bored. this man is not a derelict. he is that much more dangerous because he knows what he&#039;s doing. watch him live to be ninety. he&#039;s just trying to make fools out of the american audience just like he made fools out of his rape victims by not having been brought to justice. just what was his reputation in the seventies which led to his discrimination from the music business? i wonder? it seems they write about his biting the head off a dove but that was during the beginning of his return to the music business. i wouldn&#039;t mind a little more info about ozzy osbourne&#039;s past that isn&#039;t easy to find on the internet.

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    Default Wow....

    ...nope, no mention of an Irish mob.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default He has been banned... [eom]


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