I need to display different headers if user accesses the application via different url: url1 is default.asp, <BR>and url2 is default.asp?from=site2<BR><BR>In default.asp, cookie is set up to determine where the user is<BR><BR> Response.Cookies ("from") = request.querystring("from") <BR><BR><BR>In the following pages then show different header based on the cookie value<BR> if request.cookies ("from") = "site1" then &#039;display header for site1<BR> else &#039; display header for site2<BR><BR><BR>The problem is that the cookie does not seem to be refreshed correctly each time.<BR>For example, when I test with url2, sometimes the header is not right, but if I click refresh button in the browser, the header is refreshed.<BR><BR>I thought I need to expire the cookie so added the following line in default.asp before getting the cookie from the querystring<BR> Response.Cookies ("from").Expires = "January 1, 2000"<BR><BR>but now with url2, the cookie is only there in default.asp, but lost in the following pages, seems it is expired after it is set.<BR><BR>This is the first time I use cookies, any idea where I should look at? Thanks !!