i can&#039;t find any examples of attaching a client side "onChange" event to an item in a CheckBoxList<BR><BR>ShipType.DataTextField = "Desc"<BR>ShipType.DataValueField = "ShipID"<BR>ShipType.DataSource = ThisReader<BR>ShipType.DataBind()<BR><BR>i tried to loop through the items in the control, finding the one that has text "N/A" and adding an attribute, but it just simply doesn&#039;t show up! :-(<BR><BR>For i - 0 to (ShipType.Items.Count - 1)<BR> If ShipType.Items(i).Text = "N/A" then<BR> ShipType.Items(i).Attributes.Add("onClick","alert( &#039;test&#039;);")<BR> end if<BR>Next<BR><BR>just doesn&#039;t work.... any suggestions?? <BR>