Ive noticed using this method...<BR><BR>onclick=&#039;history.go(-X);&#039;<BR><BR>that you are limited to a count of 4 where X is. Meaning you can only go back up to 3 pages within the one click at a time on a back submit button within a form. Is there any way to cheat this method and manipulate it in a way that allows any number to replace X? Some type of looping method perhaps???<BR><BR>Im using a counter which increments the total number of times a page is self submitted by use of a session variable. Ive tried replacing X with the session variable, and although it displays correctly within the HTML output, the back button doesnt work. Especially if the page has been self submitted 20 odd times.<BR><BR>Id really like to make this work..<BR><BR>Any suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>John