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    Could you tell me where there I could get code that will output the time and date for different time zones. Basically all I want to do is manipulate the string formats so that I can add 5 hours onto the hour number or take away 6 hours from the hour number. I am new to ASP and it is taking me hours to get this function running. Your code about formats has been very helpful.<BR> Donal Bambury<BR>

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    Donal<BR><BR>Try DateAdd(interval, number, date)<BR>Where interval is <BR>yyyy Year <BR>q Quarter <BR>m Month <BR>y Day of year <BR>d Day <BR>w Weekday <BR>ww Week of year <BR>h Hour <BR>n Minute <BR>s Second <BR><BR>The number is the days, hours or etc.. that you want to add to the date example 5 or -6<BR><BR>date is the datetime that your want to add or subtract from.<BR><BR>This is the Microsoft Documentation for this function:<BR><BR><BR>Also This is the main search page for MSDN On-Line:<BR><BR><BR>Good Luck<BR><BR>

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