Server Team Accidentally Broke My CDONTS Mail

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Thread: Server Team Accidentally Broke My CDONTS Mail

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    Default Server Team Accidentally Broke My CDONTS Mail

    I have an intranet with several pages that send CDONTS mail notification. Everything has worked beautifully for the last year and a half until the server team applied some patches to our exchange server and webmail. Now, the mail messages just stick in the queue. One of the guys played around with one of the servers trying to fix the problem and now the mail on THAT server goes into bad mail. So I now have one server that puts mail in the queue and they never get picked up, and another server that just puts them directly into the bad mail folder. <BR><BR>This mail system is mission critical. Its very important this functionality gets restored and for some reason these guys just went out to lunch ?@#@$@#!!!!!!!!<BR><BR>Can anyone assist? Thank you.

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    Default uh...reinstall exchange server??? <eop>


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