I am trying to use an arraylist to hold multiple fields (below) and I was told you could do an arraylist of a class. I think this is how, but I am getting an error. Any suggestions?<BR><BR>Public Class User<BR><BR> Private _MemberID As Integer<BR> Private _FirstName As String<BR> Private _LastName As String<BR> Private _Email As String<BR> Dim arSelectedUsers As New ArrayList<BR><BR><BR>Public Sub New( _<BR> ByVal theMemberID As Integer, _<BR> ByVal theFirstName As String, _<BR> ByVal theLastName As String, _<BR> ByVal theEmail As String)<BR><BR> _MemberID = theMemberID<BR> _FirstName = theFirstName<BR> _LastName = theLastName<BR> _Email = theEmail<BR><BR> arSelectedUsers.Add(New Users.User(_MemberID, _FirstName, _LastName, _Email))<BR><BR> End Sub<BR>End Class<BR><BR><BR>