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    how can i do to make a dependecy dropdownlist....Ex...The 1st is the country, and i need to show in the 2nd drop only the cities from the select country in the 1st dropdown..tks

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    The popular method is to:<BR>1. Create the Country Drop Down List once and create the city drop down list based on the default selection of list 1<BR><BR>2. Write an event handler to handle the selectedIndexChanged event for the first drop down list<BR><BR>3. Assign that event handler to the first drop down list<BR><BR>4. In the event handler:<BR> 4a. Clear the list items for the second drop downl list<BR> 4b. Retrieve the cities for the selected item in list 1<BR> 4c. Add each city as a new list item to list 2

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