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    Hi all <BR> I am having big problem with COM+ and firewall. <BR>All our servers are W2K Servers. <BR>Our Webserver is seperated from our COM+ Server by firewall software. <BR>Webserver&#039;s DNS Entry has been removed from our DNS Server. <BR>I can&#039;t access the web server by name from COM+ Server. But i can access by <BR>IP. <BR>The WebServer is able to send the request to COM+ Server. <BR>COM+ server receives the request. <BR>But the COM+ server is unable to send a reply back to web server. <BR>( used netstat to track request ). <BR>All the necessary ports ( like TCP 135 , UDP 135 and TCP 65001 - TCP 650020) <BR>are opened in <BR>firewall software between Web Server and COM+ Server(bothways). <BR>I get the Following error from my Testing VB App when i try to create object <BR> Error Number : 462 <BR> Description : The remote server machine does not exist or <BR>unavailable. <BR>Is this happening because of the DNS entry for web server missing or <BR>something else i missed? <BR><BR><BR>Thanks in advance. <BR>

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    Default Depends on how you open the connection

    in TCP. If you&#039;re looking for IP numbers, the code won&#039;t resolve the name... that would be a separate function call. What&#039;s your COM code look like?

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