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    I have a Database that I can not really change the schema and here is my problem.<BR><BR>I have a projects, group, subgroup, itemgroup table etc.... But the client now wants to have a <BR><BR>feature that can version all the data in every table to a new version.(i.e. So project 1 which is at version 1, will now be version 2)<BR>The primary key for the project table are on the ProjID and VerID (Version ID, not the version number).<BR><BR>The verID is a foreign key in every other table.<BR><BR>The problem is when I version the project, with the new version number, a new verID is created. This and the old verID can be used to <BR><BR>find data in the tblgroup, tblsubgroup and tblitemgroup (thats not the problem) - BUT when I make a copy of, say for instance, 1 record in tblgroup, which has a GrpID of 10, the copied record will now be at GrpID 21 (for example) but its child records that will be copied next in the tbLSUBGROUP, will be copying the old GrpID, not the newly created GrpID.<BR><BR>I hope this all makes sense :s<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any pointers or help on this.

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    Default I'm almost grasping it...

    ...but I can&#039;t make an example in my head.<BR><BR>Can you show an example of what you are talking about?<BR><BR>And you say you can&#039;t *change* the schema, but can you ADD to it???<BR><BR>And why do you have two primary keys for the project table??? Or are you saying that the primary key is the *combination* of the two fields ProjID and VerID?<BR><BR>Hmmm...I guess that is what you are saying. Then you say the VerID is the FK in other tables, but what about the ProjID??? It should be the combo of ProjID and VerID that is the FK in the other tables, no?<BR><BR>

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