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    Default IIS HELP

    I am trying to use IIS 5.1 to turn/convert a folder (manilla icon) into an application.<BR><BR>I can see the default website and all of the internet projects in the hierarcy below it.<BR><BR>I have created this folder using VS.NET.<BR><BR>Nothing I try seems to work, what is the secret?

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    Default So you start at Control Panel...

    ...and bring up the IIS control, yes?<BR><BR>You click on the name of the host computer (probably also noted as "local computer").<BR><BR>You click on "web sites".<BR><BR>You click on the name of the web site you want to add the app to (likely "default web site" if you only have one).<BR><BR>That will show you a list of directories, etc., under this web site.<BR><BR>Click on the "ACTION" menu.<BR><BR>Click on the "New" menu item.<BR><BR>Click on "Virtual Directory".<BR><BR>Follow the Virtual Directory Creation Wizard&#039;s instructions.<BR><BR>

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