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Thread: saving changes to a file in ASP

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    Xaviero Cervera Guest

    Default saving changes to a file in ASP

    How do I save the changes, that ASP made to a file, using ASP???

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    If you&#039re using a FileSystemObject, the changes are made on-or-before you use the [file].close routine.<BR><BR>When you&#039re looking at a file in a text editor, you&#039re not looking at the file -- you&#039re looking at an image of the file that got flashed into memory, so when you&#039re altering that, you&#039re not altering the file, you&#039re just altering what looks like the file. The "Save" flashes the memory back into the file system. However, when you&#039re working with the file system directly, there&#039s no need for an explicit "Save" step.<BR><BR>I a) Hope that made sense and b) was more that 50% right...

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