I&#039;ve been using Interdev for years and haven&#039;t had this problem. Recently, my workstation was upgraded to XP and my fellow teammates & I are having problems creating projects in VID 6.0 from the web server. Here&#039;s the situation:<BR><BR>We have an existing web project on the server (doesn&#039;t matter which project, and whether it&#039;s on the NT web server or the Win2k web server). We want to create a local interdev project from it. We go to File/Open Project, choose New, give it a name and a location and click Continue. Next page...put in server name, choose Master or Local mode and click Continue. Then we choose &#060;root web&#062; and click Finish. It should be that easy.<BR><BR>After it copies directories for awhile, it either stops processing, or gets a memory read error. Either way the project doesn&#039;t get created. My co-workers have gotten it to work after they try 3-4 times. I&#039;ve tried 6 times now and I still don&#039;t have a project. <BR><BR>Does anyone know of any reason why this is happening? Is there an incompatibility with XP? I have VID w/ SP5. Is there a more recent service pack that would help me?<BR><BR>Thanks!!