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Thread: Like Operator doesn't work(urgent!!!)

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    Lafayette Duarte Dias Guest

    Default Like Operator doesn't work(urgent!!!)

    Hi there!<BR><BR>I&#039m using this SQL expression to query an access database:<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM tbl_messages WHERE msg LIKE &#039*MyString*&#039<BR><BR>Iside access the SQL expression works fine , but when I use the SQL expression on My web server , Itreturns a recordset empty!!??<BR><BR>I Tried something like this too:<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM tbl_messages WHERE msg LIKE &#039%MyString%&#039 <BR><BR>but the SQL expression still doesn&#039t working.<BR><BR>If You can help me , please mailme.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Tha nkz<BR><BR>

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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default RE: Like Operator doesn't work(urgent!!!)

    Well, unless your database has a field of Msg with "mystring" in it, it should return empty.<BR><BR>Try <BR>SELECT * FROM tbl_messages WHERE msg LIKE &#039%" & MyString & "%&#039 <BR><BR>(assuming that you meant myString to be a variable...)<BR>

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