xmlHTTP.responseText problems.

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Thread: xmlHTTP.responseText problems.

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    I&#039;ve got some an xmlHTTP object that has been given what it considers to be dodgy XML. The error it gives is "An invalid character was found in text content". I&#039;ve done various ASCII/ANSI scans of the result and it only appears to have &#062;32 and &#060;128 characters in it.<BR><BR>If I cut/paste the resulting XML into a file, I can load it with no problems in to a xmlDOMDocument object. However, even as a dodgy work around I don&#039;t seem to be able to write the file into a textfile and then read it (Write and WriteLine of TextStreams BOTH return "Invalid procedure call or argument" if I try.<BR><BR>Any clues what could be up with responseText?! Or how to clean it?

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    Hi,<BR>I&#039;m having the same error, but when I&#039;m reading a page that has Hebrew text in it.<BR>I&#039;ve tried to change the encoding, but with no luck.<BR>Any ideas will be appreciated,<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Tom

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