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    I have an existing site and want to set up another (and ultimately a few more sites) on a similar theme.<BR><BR>The "efficient" way to do it would be to share the same database and put a SiteID field into various tables...<BR><BR>But I just wonder if it would be so bad simply to replicate the entire database structure for the new site(s)? Upsides: simplicity of adding a new site; if one goes down they dont all go down; Downsides: dbase developments have to be repeated, hosting cost...<BR><BR>Obviously I need something that would be best for the longer term.<BR><BR>Any thoughts?<BR>

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    Default Might not matter what you want...

    Many ISPs are not set up to allow you to share a DB between multiple sites, anyway. Certainly not an Access DB, I&#039;d bet, since those are (after all) just files in the file system. And there&#039;s no way they&#039;d want to have to guarantee that a file on SITE1 would always be in the same physical path so that the other sites could find it. <BR><BR>SQL Server, maybe. But you&#039;d need to talk to the ISP.<BR><BR>

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