This may not be entirely on topic, but I thought you guys might be smarter then me. I just got Visual Studio .NET itself today, and am trying to use Crystal Reports so that I can either include a report in a stand-alone program or within a Web App I&#039;m designing.<BR><BR>The situation is this:<BR><BR>I&#039;m currently using a MySQL database on a remote server. Now, within the server explorer I can get my database to display, and I can connect to the database, but I can&#039;t figure out how to connect to it with Crystal Reports. <BR><BR>Is there any way I can use my existing connection, or be able to do a DSN-less ODBC connection through Crystal Reports .NET version?<BR><BR>Also, why can&#039;t I modify certain properties within the .NET development studio? Thats stupid (unless I&#039;m stupid and just haven&#039;t figured out how...). I&#039;m thinking specifically of my connection string - I&#039;m not able to modify it. Is there any way for me to get around this?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR><BR>Mat<BR>