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    Er - first of all your tags are showing, when I entered this message I got all the html tags on the page as well....<BR><BR>Anyhow, for anyone familliar with the poll demo - in implementing it I realized it would be much better if the cookie expiration date could be set to be the same as the date the poll changed (no more double voting and you get to see the results the whole time it&#039s up)<BR>I figure it&#039d be easy enough to set a variable to the date in the database that marks the end of the poll, and then use that variable in in the Expires line - but alas, I am an idiot and don&#039t know how to do anything except use this message board, if someone could point me in the right direction, I figure there must be something I have to do to parse the date first, it couldn&#039t be that easy....<BR>-sandor

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    Default The above post is about the Poll demo.

    Please ignore the line about knowing how to use this message board.<BR>I have it on good authority that posting was done by a monkey.

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