Here is my challenge for the day....<BR>Goal...Get email parsed and put into db without "requesting" an asp page..<BR>Currently, when this my asp script is requested, it calls a thrid party Pop3 component to check an email inbox (directory) for new emails. ( The email directory is not &#039;available&#039; to me in our shared environment ) I use the Pop3 compenent to retrieve any new emails, then use the FileSystemObject to save the email ( text ) to a directory that is available to me ( kinda cheating I guess ), then, I use the FileSystem object on this newley created file to "read" the email, populating the database with the misc. header information from the email...Then again the FSO to delete the file it just created, now I have the email contents in the database for further processing later..<BR>Here is the challenge..<BR>I need to be able to run this script when an email arrives. In other words, I nobody clicks the "import" button on our app, the Pop3 component doesn&#039;t run, so we don&#039;t know a new email has arrived. I need this script to do it&#039;s work "as soon as the email arrives", without user intervention.....<BR><BR>Any help would be great...<BR>David