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    I have two sites that have a .css file named master.css. When one site has been viewed and cached in my temporary internet folder then I get the same master.css file when trying to view the next site. Can anyone help me with this?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default CSS options...

    Support for imported style sheets is really shoddy. Browsers will do whatever they can to not import a new stylesheet. Here&#039s what I found over the course of three hours last week...<BR><BR>Option: Use the &#060;!-- #include --&#062; tag. Don&#039t let the browser know that you&#039re including a style sheet -- this is probably the best in terms of speed and portability, but won&#039t work with some template styles (like mine where I dynamically include style sheets with a variable to a header-writing function).<BR><BR>Option: Rename a style sheet. If they&#039re not the same sheet, they shouldn&#039t have the same name (and don&#039t forget to delete all cache and history).<BR><BR>Option: Use the file system to perform a dynamic include (open the file, grab contents, close file). Loses performance, but gains flexibility.<BR><BR>Option: IIS 5 has dynamic includes... but I don&#039t have IIS 5, so I don&#039t pay attention to how to do them.<BR>

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