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    We don't really have a board for this kind of question, but I was wondering if someone could help me out. I upgraded my old (Can't even update BIOS) machine's memmory (Double sided) and now the stupid thing does a random reboot. Bad memory right..nope..I ran a memmory tester and ran it for 9 hrs without finding anything. If I take out one sim - it runs fine. Replace with other. Fine. Have both in there - Reboot. Check BIOS. Tried loading fail safe. It still reboots. Checked BIOS temp. Says it fine. Suggestions...

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    Bus loading.<BR><BR>Plugging in the two memory boards adds just enough loading (esp. capacitance) to the bus that the timing, which was barely okay with one memory, is just a tad too slow. Quite possibly not the memory, per se, at all. Just pushing the board&#039;s bus a bit faster than it can handle.<BR><BR>If you can control wait states on the memory with that bios, try adding one wait state. (Used to be that wait states was a hardware thing, only. It may still be. But maybe modern BIOS&#039;s allow you to control it. Been too many years since I played down at the hardware level. Used to see this kind of thing then trying to push memory chips designed for 2MHz [yeah, you read that right] up to 3.8 MHz. We&#039;d keep trying different chips until it would work...until one bright guy go the idea of adding in a wait state. But as I said, my experience is way too old to be able to be at all confident, today. 1983 time frame.)<BR>

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