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    another server will upload their anscii text file and our script will automatically will go to that server to retrieve the data to update our data and authentication can be via ip address...<BR><BR>I dont know how to approach to do this?

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    Default How will you know *when*...

    ...the other server has changed something???<BR><BR>The rest is easy if the other server is an ASP (or PHP or JSP or CGI or ASP.NET or...) server. Oh, IP address is not foolproof. It *can* be spoofed. A password known *ONLY* to the two ends of the conversation is safer. Esp. if it&#039;s one that is, say, encrypted based on some other factor (e.g., time of day?). But even an unencrypted one means that the only way to hack in is to be be "listening" someplace between the two machines.<BR><BR>

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