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Thread: I want my google back!

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    Default I want my google back!

    Okay this nuts.<BR><BR>On my home computer, there are 3 on a wireless network, mine is the ONLY machine that if I try to get to google I get cPanel.com no website is configured at this address.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve done a search for cPanel in every possible way on my machine. Run SpyBot, AdAware and Norton. No dice. <BR><BR>Anyone have any ideas?????

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    Default Happened to me, too!

    Except mine got sent to www.Your.com<BR><BR>Solution is easy:<BR><BR>Search your hard drive(s) for a file named simply<BR> hosts<BR><BR>Probably in Windows/.../drivers directory.<BR><BR>There will also be a sample file with "hosts" as part of its name.<BR><BR>You picked up a bug somewhere. Wish I knew where, too.<BR><BR>The "hosts" file basically is a local DNS server! The system looks in it *before* going to the internet.<BR><BR>So that file will have a line that looks something like<BR> www.google.com<BR>and lots and lots of other lines with the same IP address. And that is telling your computer "every time you see one of these names, use this IP address directly, without using the real name server."<BR><BR>Anyway, just edit out all the crap and save it back.<BR><BR>By the way... If you install Netscape 7.1 and try to hit "google.com", NS will even *tell* you that this has happened to you and tell you how to fix it!<BR><BR>

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