page load !!<BR><BR>hi,<BR>i have this page where i use a login control ,i created, within.<BR>the login control creates a cookie upon successful login, this is done in a function within the control.<BR><BR>the page is posted back when the login attempt is done, HERE COMES THE PROBLEM...<BR><BR>i want in this post to create a cookie (login control&#039;s job) AND use this cookie (by checking it) to display a lable in the page with welcome message ( this is supposed to be done in the page itself ).<BR>it appears that the cookie is created after the check is done!!<BR>so the page is displayed on the browser with a cookie but the welcome message doesn&#039;t show this.<BR><BR>f u need to see the code i will post it, i need to solve this!<BR><BR>thankx in advance :)<BR>