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    Hello. I'm currently taking ASP at a local college and currently getting an "A" (so far at any rate). I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to make the HTML one color and the ASP another color (change color of respective outputs). I seemed to pick up on the HTML and CSS pretty well, but this ASP extra credit project has me totally frazzled. We were told it would be hard, and that it involved stuff we hadn't covered in class. Only a few of us decided to try to figure it out...not because we really need the extra credit, but because it might come in handy some day. (I also have the code we were supposed to modify if that's needed.) I'd really appreciate any insights you might be able to give this "village idiot." Thanks!

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    Default I don't get it?

    &#060;FONT color=pink&#062;<BR>Here&#039;s some stuff produced by HTML<BR>&#060;/FONT&#062;<BR>&#060;FONT color=green&#062;<BR>&#060;%<BR>For i = 1 to 3<BR> Response.Write "Stuff #" & i & " from ASP&#060;br/&#062;"<BR>Next<BR>%&#062;<BR>&#060;/FONT&#062;<BR><BR>************<BR><BR>Okay, that *CAN&#039;T* be what you mean, because it sure as heck wouldn&#039;t qualify for extra credit in any class I&#039;m aware of.<BR><BR>So would you care to try explaining, again?<BR><BR>

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