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    YashwantGJ Guest

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    To,<BR><BR>The Respected Personnel,<BR><BR>I am facing a problem in my project :<BR>We want to save our database in our local PC with the Databse being MS-ACCESS.The front end is VB.<BR>NOW the Problem is I want to UPLOAD this mdb to an SQL server on the Internet .How can I do this??Can I do this with Active X Controls If yes please specify HOW??<BR>Can i do the same thing other way round???<BR>Pls Help I am in a Jinx????<BR><BR><BR>Yashwant.G.Jagtap<BR>Web Developer, BrightFeathers<BR><BR>ya

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    Scott S Guest

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    You can use the upsizing wizard that comes with Access to transform a access mdb to an SQL Server Database. If you still need to use access to view the data, Access can use SQL Server as the backend & serve as only a front end for the data, i personally have never tried that however.

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