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    Cypher Guest

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    They are times when you look for some ideas for setting up an original website. but before you can say "Jack Robinson", you find another one already in this business.<BR><BR>I assume there is probably a site giving examples of regular expressions; a tutorial somehow. <BR><BR>This forum is a good start, but what if you&#039re looking for more thorough samples?<BR><BR>If anyone have heard about these kind of sites, just let me know.<BR>

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    Cypher Guest

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    Sorry...<BR>I didn&#039t see that the main thread was dealing about this....

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    Generally any site about Perl should include information on regular expressions. The syntax for the actual pattern matching should be 99%+ the same, though the outcome may be a bit better than what you&#039ll experience on an MS engine ("You&#039re telling me you can&#039t find _that???_ How many of those characters does it take for you to get it through your thick CPU that even _one_ of them exists? GAH!). Also, www.ora.com has a book on mastering regular expressions. (It&#039s got owls.)<BR><BR>HiH.

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