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Thread: Finding Friday dates.

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    I have a need to find what the nearest Friday (without going over--sounds like The Price Is Right, huh) given a submitted date, with certain parameters.<BR><BR>For example...Monday - Sunday dates should show that Friday&#039;s date. If the date submitted is 9/29/03, the result should be 10/3/03 (Monday). If the date submitted is 10/3/03, the result should be 10/3/03. If 10/4/03 is submitted, the resulting date should still be 10/3/03. The result doesn&#039;t change until the next Monday date.<BR><BR>Thoughts?<BR><BR>= )<BR><BR>C. A.

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    Default Easy...

    Click on "VBScript Reference" in left panel of this page.<BR><BR>Click on "Functions" in list of topics that appears.<BR><BR>Click on "Weekday" in list of functions that appear.<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>theDate = CDate( dateSubmitted ) &#039; play it safe<BR><BR>firstFriday = theDate - WeekDay(theDate, vbMonday) + 5<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>

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    I half expected this post to be spam based on the title. The other half was hoping to find a date for Friday :/

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