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    Renee G Guest

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    My code loops through the fields in my recordset and creates a column for each field. This works fine. I took it a step further and tried using a case select to format the currency column to right justified. No success. I think I used something like<BR> &#060;%if rs.fields(i).name = "curtotal" then%&#062;<BR> &#060;td align="right"&#062;<BR> &#060;%end if%&#062;<BR>I would really like to format the currency to a two digit decimal with a dollar sign, and would assume I place that code when I populate the rows using<BR> &#060;%if rs.fields(i).name = "curtotal" then%&#062;<BR> &#060;%format("curtotal",currency)%&#062;<BR> &#060;td align="right"&#062;<BR> &#060;%end if%&#062;<BR><BR>Thanks for your help!

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    Ricardo Londe Guest

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    You should try to use the FormatCurrency function. Use something like this:<BR>&#060;%=FormatCurrency( rs("curtotal"), 2, -1, 0, -1)%&#062;<BR><BR>I hope this helps.<BR>Ricardo Londe.<BR><BR>

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