My question is that on my webserver I use custom 404 error messages for the error pages, I also put a image at the bottom of the page. This works fine with out any problems for non SSL connectsion. But when I get a error like a 404 error on a SSL connection I get a security error as half the page is on a ssl connection but the image is called from a non ssl connection eg<BR>&#060;p align="center"&#062;&#060;a href=""&#062;&#060;img border="0" src=""&#062;&#060;/a&#062;&#060;/p&#062;<BR><BR>what I would like to do in asp is to put some sort of if statement.<BR><BR>eg if error from https~<BR>then display https//<BR>else<BR>display http//<BR><BR>Any ideas let me know<BR>