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    I have an webform.aspx with the code that supports this form in webform.aspx.vb. If was working just fine. I take some of the code out of webform.apsx.vb and place it into its&#039; own class, and then attempt to instatiate that class in webform.aspx.vb, and I am alway getting and error indicating the model was not found. <BR><BR>My set up is as follows: <BR>My web page is in a directory studentweb/myname/project4 <BR>My web page is called webpage1.aspx with the "source.. src=" page being webpage1.aspx.vb. <BR>all the code is source code, not compiled code. I have <BR>@Page directive "src="Webpage1.aspx.vb", <BR>The class which is called from "Webpage1.aspx.vb" is called <BR>"MyClass.vb", and this is in the same directory as <BR>"Webpage1.aspx". Again, this is source code. <BR><BR>Documenation states that unless overridden, anything you place in the "bin" folder will automatically be linked, but that is not ture in my case, so either the machine config has overridden the default, or I am doing something wrong. I now have the source code in the "studentweb/myname/project4/Bin" folder as well as the studentweb/myname/project4 folder, but it is never found. <BR><BR>I place the &#060;%@ Assembly src="MyClass.vb" %&#062; in the <BR>"webpage1.aspx". (does not appear to validate information <BR>contained in this statement as I could enter any name for <BR>the program is it would not complain). <BR><BR>MyClass.VB has an import statement "Imports MyClass" which fails with class not found each time it is run. I have run it without the import statement, but then it fails when the class is instatiate -- "Dim theClass as new MyClass()". <BR><BR>I have tried several versions of the "Imports" statement, <BR>such as "imports Studentweb.myName.Project4.MyClass" but <BR>nothing works. <BR><BR>How in the world do I get the webpage to find MyClass? <BR><BR>Thanks in advance for your assitance!!!!!!!

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    See my response in your previous thread on this topic.<BR><BR>Mike

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