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    I have an ASP page application that is attempting to read from an xml file on the C: drive of the local machine (client-side script). I&#039;ve found that the only way mine will work is to enable the security setting Script ActiveX controls not marked as safe. <BR><BR>Is there a Microsoft "feature" that disallows reading this type of file from the local C: drive? I&#039;m trying to find a way to access this file without making my users set their security so low. <BR><BR>Any info is appreciated.<BR>Thanks!!

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    Default Then it's not an ASP app...

    ...if you are trying to read from the user&#039;s local C: drive, then you must be doing so *ON THE CLIENT MACHINE.* And now you are talking using some ActiveX control in the browser.<BR><BR>So it&#039;s no longer an ASP question, at all. And it is a browser issue. And yes, you do have to allow scripting of unsafe controls (I presume you are using FileSystemObject? Or one of the XMLDocument objects?).<BR><BR>However... You might be able to change the browser settings to treat your *SITE* as a "trusted site", instead of change the setting for all sites.<BR><BR>It&#039;s still an unsafe thing to do, though. Why do you do this instead of having the user upload the XML to the server and do the work on the server?<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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