I am using the following :<BR>WshShell.Run(cmd,0,true)<BR>where cmd is a command line for an executable process. I believe that the application requires a cmd shell to run in (external window). The problem is that when I execute this from within an asp page it is instanciated and I can see it running in the task manager, but I think it is waiting for a window to run in. Is there a way for this to run. <BR>I have already set permissions and allowed execute and executable access for the web user.<BR>the cmd - command line is correct as I can print it out and run it manually in a command line and it works<BR><BR>I did try :<BR>&#039;Set oExec = WshShell.Exec(cmd)<BR> <BR>&#039;Do While oExec.Status = 0<BR>&#039; WScript.Sleep 100<BR>&#039;Loop<BR><BR>but I then kept getting undeclared problems with WScript - which should not happen.<BR><BR>Any help is appreciated - If you need to see more of the code please let me know.<BR>Thanks<BR> <BR>