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    Hi,<BR>I have situation here, i wonder if anyone can help me out;<BR>my system is developed in asp and there is a admin module with different groups (i.e admin[1], sales[2], support[3] etc.)<BR><BR>i like to develope something that can handle permissions, security levels<BR>at moment i have series of numeric ids for each kind of page and it is checked in begining after comapring accesslevel id (which probably be in session) with page id.<BR>it redirects with some message to different page.<BR><BR>problem starts when all the users does have access to page level but some information cannot be displayed (i.e cannot view orders, cannot return, cannot give discounts etc etc)<BR><BR>easiest way is to use if then else conditions, but this makes pages alot more complex and handling on field level is also time consuming besides it seems static approach too<BR><BR>please advice , if anyone have came across to similar scnario.<BR><BR>Many Thanks<BR>Max

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    Default Just code the page..

    .. either as separate pages (for each access level) or, do what you did - with If..Else..End If statements to only show what&#039;s allowed.

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